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Past Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club Newsletters

See how much fun we have!

Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club Members

≈ Excerpt from Newsletter:

June 2003 by Glynn M.

... Two major changes have occurred in the last month. Firstly, Paul Paquette, who has done such a wonderful job in putting our newsletter together for the past couple of years, has decided to become a full time artist. His love of painting has finally won out over the mounting ennui at work and he has courageously taken that step out of wage-slave bondage and into the uncertain art world. Unfortunately for us, this means that his talents, which made our newsletter renowned in the diving community, will no longer be available. Much success in the future Paul and may you soon be able to afford that new drysuit instead of a few tubes of Aquaseal!


≈ Excerpt from Newsletter August 2003:

'Shark hunt from Fanny Bay' by Paul S.

...The vis was spectacular, a least 70 feet or more up and down, maybe 50 across. There was lot’s to see on this wall. None of it unfortunately had six gills. To that end the dive was (may I say, as usual?) a disappointment. The other stuff was pretty nice, tons of large lingcod, copper, quillback and tiger rockfish, salt and pepper, dendronotus albus, sea lemons and alabaster nudibranchs, compound tunicates like lollypops on the hydroids. There were cookie stars, a tiny little tubeworm hermit crab, northern ronquil, an umbrella crab and a mosshead warbonnet.  Up in the shallows we had a pleasant safety stop as there were many crevices to explore and lots of life in them all.... 

Pescaderos Club Members 2004


≈ Excerpt from Newsletter June 2005:

 'Trip to DynaMike’s on Quadra Island' by Ross M.

...First let me put forward a nomination for the Famous Pescaderos' Horses' Ass Award.

 I, Ross Macdonald nominate Ross Macdonald: I forgot my fins but thankfully Mike Richmond has an excellent assortment to choose from. Or should I say, Thank you the Great Nutkin! (inside joke for the editor). And now it’s time to relate our most delightful dive trip.

My stop in Fanny Bay on the way up was 15 minutes longer than anticipated and when back onto the Island Highway I realized that to make the 09:00pm ferry to Quadra Island from Campbell River (C.R.), I would have to set my wheels on fire!

After setting the speed control to 130 k.p.h. and arriving at the ferry terminal at 08:50pm, I noticed that there was no ferry! As I paid my fare I inquired; was there a 09:00pm sailing from C.R.? The answer was NO, but there is a sailing at 09:30pm. My new motto is: read and confirm the schedule. Following the map, I arrived at what I hoped was DynaMike’s residence. As I parked my truck I realized that there were no other vehicles there but mine, no one was in the hot tub and the guest area was deserted! I tentatively entered the house and both Mike and Darlene, his wife; greeted me warmly. They made me feel most welcome. But, where were the Pescaderos? All seven had left early in the morning to have a dive on the way up and I had caught the 05:00pm ferry. Some of us have to work...


Peskies in Whidbey 2013

Vancouver Pescaderos Divers June 2006


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