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Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club


Our Favourite Links and Resources

Scuba Diving Forum

Deep Sea Exploration
Undersea Hunter 

How to choose a drysuit 

What is a Jonline?

Pony Bottles
In Defense of Pony Bottles

How Rebreathers work

Sign Language for Underwater Communication
Fingerspell the Alphabet under water 

Vancouver Island Dive Club
Top Island Econauts 

Whytecliff Park
History of Whytecliff Park

Dive Organizations
Artificial Reef Society of BC
Underwater Council of British Columbia
Divers Alert Network
Dive Industry Association of BC
Underwater Archaeological Society of BC

Sea Choice Guide to Sustainable Seafood
Reef Environmental Education Foundation
Shark Truth
Marine Planning Partnership North Pacific Coast
Ocean Futures Society
Marine Life Sanctuaries Society
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Project Aware
Database of the World's Marine Protected Areas
Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society
Pavilion Lake Research Project

Charter Operators 
Vancouver:               Sea Dragon Facebook Page
Sunshine Coast:       Porpoise Bay Charters
Vancouver Island:    UB Diving 

Diving Publications
Diver Magazine
Betty Johnson-Pratt
Diving Howe Sound Reefs and Islands

Underwater Photography
Underwater Photography Guide

Underwater Videography
Underwater Videography Tips

Tide Tables
Diariki (independent site)

Species Identification
Pacific Northwest

Diving Medicine Online
Dangerous Creatures of the Sea
Toxic and Stinging Sea Creatures
How to Treat Sea Urchin Sting

Local Weather 
British Columbia - Weather Conditions and Forecast by locations

Local Diving Informations
Scuba Diving Vacations In British Columbia

An Outdoor Guide to Scuba Diving





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