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  Meet the Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club Executive
      Members for 2021




≈ President John C.

John started diving while on vacation in Croatia in 2002 and never looked back. Diving brings him a feeling of peace and clarity. Now all vacations have to have a diving component included! Comfortable in warm or cold water, John seeks to explore as many dive destination as time permits. John can be found many weekends exploring the wonders of the local BC coastal waters and at least once a year exploring an exotic tropical location.


 ≈ Past President Rob R.

Rob Roy   Rob is a passionate and enthusiastic diver who was certified in
Philippines in 2008.

   He started diving because of his love for underwater nature, and he
   now has 
1000 dives...and counting! 

   Rob has become an extremely avid underwater photographer over
   the last few years with a particular interest for macro photography and
   a great eye for nudibranchs.

Have a look at Rob's Photos!

Pacific Northwest Diver: Robert R

 ≈ Secretary : (vacant)

≈ Treasurer: Doug B.

Doug has been our Club's Treasurer for ever! He loves a good pun and keeps up 'afloat'. At our Annual General Meeting of November 2014, the Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club Membership voted to award Doug an Honorary Lifetime Membership as a small 'thank you' for 20 years of dedicated service as the Club's Treasurer.

 ≈ Membership Coordinator: Katarina and Peter C.

≈ Dive Coordinator: Tony H.

≈ Web Coordinator : Clarisse B. 

Clarisse Baudot

Clarisse learned how to scuba dive in the Mediterranean sea in the 90s, she thought that the sport was inaccessible, like going to the moon, and there she is, never stopped doing it since.

She's travelled to the Caribbean’s, the Red Sea, Bali, Thailand, the Atlantic Ocean on both sides, some lakes (quite boring), the St-Lawrence River, Thousand Islands in Ontario, and finally to the beautiful Pacific Ocean in California, Washington State, and British Columbia.

Clarisse really likes our waters even if they are cold because the marine life is so alive and the coast, pristine.
She joined the Pescaderos in 2011 starting with a trip to the Mermaid. Yes there are mermaids around here. Diving is like flying, and Clarisse feels lucky to be able to explore the precious water world.

Many thanks to our 2020 Executive and
to our Past Presidents:

Rob R. - 2016-2017
Virpi K. - 2014-2015
Diane R. - 2013
Cindy J. - 2012
≈ Mike S. - 2011 & 2010

≈ Special thanks to Glynn M. who joined the Club in 1984, served as the Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club's Secretary for 26 years and as Newsletter Editor for 5!

For his many dedicated years in the Club, the Vancouver Pescaderos Members awarded Glynn an Honorary Lifetime Membership at the Annual General Meeting of November 2014.

Our AGM and Executive Elections take place at the November Meeting of each year.





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Jim Willoughby

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