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How we became The Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club

Jim Willoughby

It all began in the C.Y.O. (Catholic Youth Association) Hall on Richards Street in Vancouver March 1st, 1965.

Jim Willoughby gathered together a group of local divers to form a new dive club.

The purpose of this new dive club was to be twofold; first to promote sports and hobbies such as diving, spear-­fishing, wreck diving, underwater photography, personal saltwater aquariums and specimen collecting, and second this club would serve as a pool of knowledge and experiences as well as provide buddies for club dives.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, competition and inter-­‐club activities played a major role in the diving scene, which included other clubs such as the Vanquatics, the Sea Hellions and The Richmond Wetbacks. All supported each others’ events whether they be spearfishing meets, river runs or banquets.


Pescaderos Spear FishingThe Vancouver Pescaderos were involved in several local and in a few national spearfishing meets and were always very successful.

Pescaderos win first placeA contingent from The Vancouver Pescaderos made up part of the British Columbia Team in the Canadian National Spear-­‐Fishing and won first place.

The Vancouver Pescaderos were the first club to set size and species limits, a true milestone for the times.

Competition also took place in the form of underwater hockey.... and The Vancouver Pescaderos won the 1972-­‐73 B.C. Championship!


Pescaderos Specimen Hunt

The Pescaderos were involved in community oriented projects: Specimen Hunts and Displays where the public was invited to get a first hand look at, and learn about some of the creatures inhabiting the waters off their favorite beaches.

The general public was not the only ones benefitting from The Pescaderos Specimen Hunts: many species caught would end up at the Vancouver Aquarium. 


For six years, The Pescaderos Club set up a booth at The Vancouver International Boat Show to educate the public about divers, diving and to attract new members.

Being a family oriented club since the beginning has played an important part in our success and longevity. We have always maintained diversity, both in activities and in membership, ‘Greenhorns’ (newcomers) and ‘Moss Backs’ (seasoned divers) have always been welcomed. 

Pescaderos Bottles Hunt

 Pescaderos Dive Club Members

Pescaderos Dive Club 1970's

The Club's name was registered in Victoria in 1965 which is actually how we got the name Pescaderos. It was a typo!

The actual name that was forwarded was Pescadoros which is Spanish for 'fish gatherers' because we were a spearfishing club and that's what we did.

However someone in Victoria misspelled it as Pescaderos which is Spanish for 'fish mongers'.

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Don Hughes


Jim Willoughby

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