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Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club Awards

The nominations for the Diver of the Year Award and for the Horses' Ass Award are made at our Holidays Party in December of each year where the trophies are awarded.

Diver of the Year Award:
Nominate someone who has done the most for the Club in the past year.

Horses' Ass Award:
Nominate someone who has had a great yet hilarious oopsie in the past year.
Play along just for the Trophy!

Please note: No animals were injured in the making of these trophies.


Diver of the Year Award goes to:

1988: D.Pemberton 2001: P. Paquette  2014: M. Juren 
1989: S.& H. Johnson 2002: G. Miller 
1990: M.G. Robert 2003: M.& M. Schmidt 
1991: E. Miller 2004: D. Porter 
1992: V. Henderson & G. Miller 2005: P. Sim 
1993: R. Callahan & M.G. Robert 2006: P. & L. Sim 
1994: F.J. Zarik 2007: P. Sim 
1995: D. Pemberton 2008: 
1996: I. Rabinovitch 2009: M. Schmidt 
1997: M. Altenburg 2010: M. Juren 
1998: M. Altenburg 2011: M.& C. Juren 
1999: B & G Powell 2012: R. Roy 
2000: G. Miller 2013: O. Bourgeois  



Pescaderos Diver of the Year Award


 did you knowDid You Know?

Cort Mackenzie donated the Brass Dolphin Diver of the Year Trophy to the Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club.







The lucky winners of our Horses' Ass Award were:

Horses' Ass Trophy

Horses' Ass award winner 2014. 

2008: D. Pemberton
2011: D. Hughes
2012: M. Schwarze 
2013: P. Sim 
2014: M. Juren 

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