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About Us

'Dive in Safety with Friends' is our motto



We are an active and social Dive Club, one of British Columbia's longest running Scuba Diving clubs.

Our focus is to provide a safe, educational and friendly atmosphere for recreational divers of all levels, as well as working towards conservation and protection of the marine environment wherever possible and within the realm of recreational underwater actions.


  • Being a 'Peskie' is a great way to meet other divers and add other elements to your diving experience.
  • We're always looking for economical ways to stretch our diving dollars to spend more time in the water.


The Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club
is not affiliated with any dive shop


Vancouver Pescaderos in Hawaii  Pescaderos May Long Weekend 2013Pescaderos 2012 Lund





Cort Mackenzie


Don Hughes


Jim Willoughby

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