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1965-2015 50th Anniversary Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club



We're a Fun
and Friendly
 Scuba Diving Club!




Also known as 'Peskies', the Vancouver Pescaderos Dive Club, based in Vancouver, British Columbia came to life in 1965 as a group of passionate scuba divers and, with over 40 members, is still going strong today.


We are a group of scuba divers
with varied interests and experience levels.

Some are avid underwater photographers and videographers, shore and boat divers alike, many love to travel to exotic destinations in BC and abroad.

Our group has members with thousands of dives and extensive training as well as new-comers only starting to explore the beauty of the undersea world.


We're all about diving!
We've been diving for 50 years!

We share our dive-related experiences, both with respect to local diving as well as regarding trips anywhere around the planet. All keen divers are welcome to attend a Vancouver Pescaderos Meeting and check us out in person.

We organize local shore and boat outings and, during surface intervals, enjoy socializing with each other at Pescaderos meetings, during our annual summer BBQ and winter holidays party where nominations are made and trophies are awarded!


“ From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders.
He is bolted to earth.
But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.”

- Jacques Cousteau 1910-1997
Scuba Diver

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